Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas Divorce Rumors: Marriage in trouble after Kirk Douglas’ Death


Tabloids have been after Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas for a long time now. Let’s see how their marriage has been going since the death of Hollywood giant Kirk Douglas.

Beginning of Rumors

In July 2019, a source reported that Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas were planning to move in with Kirk Douglas. They wanted to help him out in his last few months. The two supposedly would live in the garage apartment.

The source said that Catherine and Michael were concerned about Anne and Kirk. The couple wanted to keep a close eye on them. They wanted to ensure that they were there for them in case of any emergency.

However, in February after the death of Kirk Douglas, rumors started spreading about the issues between Catherina and Michael. It was rumoured that they both were trying to save their hindering marriage. The source said,

Catherine and Michael know they need to bring the romance back – and now they can, without feeling guilty.

However, after talking to a spokesperson, it was reported that there was no truth in the story. It was reported,

Catherine could not have been more supportive of Kirk, Michael and [Kirk’s wife] Anne all throughout the process. They are very much a solid married couple.

Kirk Douglas’ Will

Another source then claimed that Kirk Douglas has left his son out of his will. However, it was not true. Kirk Douglas had decided to leave his fortune to charity. Catherina and Michael are very wealthy and they were happy to know about Kirk’s generosity.

The tabloids tried to paint a different picture and made it seem as if Michael did not have good relations with his father.

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