Chandrayaan 2 all set to launch this weekend- We are landing on the Moon!


India shines its glory again on the moon. The most ambitious lunar mission project,Chandrayaan 2 is all set to launch this weekend. ISRO the nation’s space agency has plans for a fluid smooth landing on the southern part on the Moon.

If India hits the bull’s eye, the nation will stand in equal positions with nations like China, Russia, and the U.S. But that would be only possible after executing and succeeding in a well-coordinated landing on the moon.

It is programmed to be launched over the weekend on the 15th of July from SDSC, Sriharikota.

What is the Chandrayaan 2?

Chandrayaan 2 is a 3-stage GSLV Mk-III spacecraft. It consists of a lander named Vikram, an orbiter,  and Pragyan a rover. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) aims for a well-co-ordinated fluid smooth landing in the midst of two craters named Simpelius N and Manzinus C, which stands at the south to the equator at approximately 70 degrees.

What is the Chandrayaan-2?

The Plan

The last 15 minutes of the Chandrayaan 2 before landing will be the most crucial for ISRO as stated by the Chairman, K. Sivan to the media. Some unavoidable factors like terrain, dust and lunar gravity can be an apple of discord for the smooth landing. Sivan also said:

This is the most complex mission ISRO has undertaken.

In further conversation, the chairman explained that the orbiter is capable of interacting with the Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) on the Earth as well as The lander on the surface of the moon.

He also added the technical specifications. He clarified that the orbiter’s life is 1 year and will be stationed in a 100km circular orbit.

An ISRO official stated that in order to establish Chandrayaan 2. A set of complex movements will take place in the Lunar Transfer Trajectory for raising its orbit. The thrusters will reduce the velocity of the rocket for the Lunar Capture as the spacecraft enters the periphery of the influence of the moon.

The range of Chandrayaan 2 encompassing the moon will be approximately 100X100 km orbit through a set of movements.

At the time of touch down, the lander will leave the orbiter, also perform a sequence of complicated movements including a fine braking and rough braking.

We can live on the moon

In the meantime, the space geeks and scientists are advised to keep a close eye on India’s latest Lunar mission. It’s not a Sci-fi story anymore! The scientists conclude with the assumption that its southern region can be a future refuge for humans.

This can be a feather in the cap situation for India. Because if they land smoothly on the moon, India will be the first to land in the south region. We all hope and wish Chandrayaan 2 a successful and smooth landing.

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