Charlize Theron Dating Rumors: Hollywood Star in a Secret Relationship with Another Woman?

Charlize Theron Dating Rumors- Hollywood Star in a Secret Relationship with Another Woman?
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Charlize Theron’s dating rumors are making headlines these days and there is an entirely different twist to the storyline. There is a new story that says that the Hollywood star is secretly dating a woman after she swore off men from her life. As per the ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine, Theron was recently spotted with a mystery woman on a dinner date and they got very cozy.

The source further adds that Charlize is done dating men after a series of failed relationships and now she is looking to swing the other way. It also claims that Theron was wearing an engagement ring on her finger and she could be in a serious relationship. Here is more on Charlize Theron dating rumors and the possible truth behind the Hollywood actress being in a secret relationship with a woman.

Charlize Theron in a Secret Relationship with a Woman?

Charlize Theron is always not very fond of men in her life due to her father being abusive to her mother. Even most of her relationships with the male celebs failed and she was always left devastated after a bad breakup.

Charlize’s recent breakup was the last straw that made her quit men and get into a same-sex relationship. The source says that Charlize Theron and the mystery woman gave an impression that they are in a serious relationship and just keeping it secret from everyone for the time being.

Charlize Theron Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Charlize Theron dating rumors about the actress being in a secret relationship and that too with a woman are not true and don’t even make any sense. The tabloid has no evidence that Theron is dating a woman apart from the fact that she was having dinner with someone.

Also, Charlize never said that she won’t date men as the ‘The Old Guard’ star in a recent interview made it clear that she just needs someone good enough to dazzle her. Also, it was cleared out that the ring was not an engagement ring as Charlize Theron have no intentions of marrying and settling down.

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