Cher Wedding Rumors: Singer to get married with before her death?


Is Cher planning to give her marriage another chance? A source recently claimed that the iconic singer is planning to tie the knot with a mystery man who is 47 years younger than her.

Will Cher have her dream wedding?

A source claimed that the singer is planning to have the wedding of her dream.

The source claimed that Cher and her fiancé first met through a common friend and after a few time the mystery man moved into her Malibu home.

Source also added,

Cher’s dated a lot of men in her life but it’s different from her beau. They just get along so well.

The source also added that the mystery man proposed Cher with a 16-carat yellow gemstone.

Cher’s dreamy and wild wedding

Bob Mackie said,

Cher’s planning to wear an outrageous dress. It’s partially sheer, sequined gown with a glittery headpiece designed by her close friend.

Who is Cher’s mystery lover?

It’s a bit weird that the unnamed source knows all the details about the event, but the major thing which it does not know is the name of the groom.

Additionally, the source claimed that Cher would be revealing her former partners and had photos of Sonny Bono, Tom Cruise on the cover. Reputed sources believe that the whole story is the work of fiction.

It seems that the sources are out of content when it comes to reporting on the Mermaids Star. Earlier this month, sources claimed that Cher is going to dead soon as she is suffering from a rare disease.

But this claim made by unnamed source was completely bogus as the star was fine and in a good health.

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