Chinese company Geely launches electric car brand Geometry

Chinese company Geely launches electric car brand Geometry

Geely which is a Chinese car making company launches a new brand “Geometry”. Geometry is a premium electric car brand that will be looking to boost the production of new energy levels.

This move comes as the other automaker companies are in the race of making vehicles that run by other methods other than using petrol.

The company has aimed to take orders overseas but it will mainly focus on the Chinese market. The company has expected to launch more than 10 electric vehicles by the year 2025.

Chinese automobile company Geely launches electric car brand

In addition to this, the company has received more than 26,000 orders globally.

The first edition of the electric car that will be made by the company is aimed to travel up to 500 Km in one charge.

Chinese company Geely launches electric car brand "Geometry"

The Chinese company Geely joined hands with Germany’s auto giant Daimler last month. This integration aimed to build the next-gen smart electric car.

Apart, from this Geely is also into developing commercial vehicles that will work on new energy.

China and many other countries have been supporting new energy vehicles (NEV). This includes vehicles that purely work on electricity and, plug-in hybrid technologies.

With the increasing levels of pollution due to vehicles, it is very important to make vehicles that work on other methods apart from petrol and diesel.

Scientists have estimated that if vehicles will continue to release poisonous elements in the air then ozone layer conditions will become worse.

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