Chris Hemsworth Rumors: Thor Star has broken COVID Rules with House Party in Australia

Chris Hemsworth Rumors: Thor Star has broken COVID Rules with House Party in Australia
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Chris Hemsworth is recently in news as one of the reports mentions that he has broken COVID-19 protocol with a house party. As per the ‘New Idea’ magazine reports, Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky hosted a big party at their Bryon Bay mansion in Australia where they violated a lot of COVID guidelines and rules.

Matt Damon and Liam Hemsworth also attended the party and fans were shocked to see that there were no masks or any kind of social distancing. Chris, Elsa and the other guests were wearing white clothes as it was an all-white dress code party and the pictures are circulating on the internet. Here is more on Chris Hemworth’s rumors of breaking the COVID rules with a house party in Australia.

Chris Hemsworth has broken COVID Rules with House Party

Chris Hemsworth is currently filming for “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Australia and it is how gets to spend a lot of time with Elsa Pataky and his local friends. Matt Damon has also joined Chris along with his family as he is also a part of the Thor 4 movie.

The Instagram photos posted by Elsa Pataky show all the guests attending the party, having drinks, singing performance, group photos and it also shows that there are no masks or any kind of safety protocols present. It is why fans are accusing Chris Hemsworth of having such a massive party in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic and flouting the rules.

Chris Hemsworth Rumors and Real Truth

Chris Hemsworth breaking COVID rules rumors are not accurate as the party was held in New South Wales in Greater Sydney where the limitations are different. There could be 50 people allowed at celebrations in local residences and there were a total of 40 guests that attended the party. It means that Hemsworth and Pataky didn’t break any rules as the COVID-19 pandemic is under control in Australia and hence fans must have misunderstood things.

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