Chris Martin asks ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow to plan his wedding with Dakota Johnson?


Has Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin chosen Gwyneth Paltrow as their wedding planner? Let’s look into this rumor and find out the truth.

The Unconventional Divorce

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have remained good friends after their divorce. Martin and Paltrow are also co-parenting this kids really well. A tabloid claims that things are going so well between the two of them that Martin has appointed Paltrow as the wedding planner.

According to sources, Martin is planning to marry Dakota Johnson. Martin’s ex-wife Paltrow will plan their wedding.

Whose idea was it?

It was none other than Johnson herself who came up with this idea.  The source claims,

It was Dakota’s idea to get Gwyneth involved. Gwyn has the best contacts in LA and a whole team at Goop tastemakers on her payroll. The kids, Apple and Moses, aren’t the only reason why they all went to the same area for the summer.

Even though the source claims that Paltrow will be the wedding planner of ex-husband Martin, there is no news about the engagement of Martin and Johnson. Martin and Johnson are not even engaged yet, then how come they have already decided who their wedding planning will be.

Truth about Gwyneth’s relationship with Dakota and Chris

Gwyneth is at good terms with the Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson. However, this doesn’t mean that she will plan Johnson’s wedding with ex-husband Martin. There is no truth in the claims made by this tabloid.

This is not the first time that this tabloid has made false claims about the trio. It earlier claimed that Paltrow propositioned Martin and Johnson for a ‘foursome’. The story was totally ridiculous.

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