Chris Pratt lands into controversy over Gadsden flag T-shirt

Chris Pratt lands into controversy over Gadsden flag T-shirt

Chris Pratt faces another backlash from political conservatives. But this time, it ain’t the casual satirical remarks that have landed him in trouble, but more like a casual tee, one would opt to go out for a fresh stroll. A day before, Pratt was enjoying a walk with her wife while wearing boxers and a T-shirt imprinted with a Gadsden flag.

Chris Pratt wears Gadsden flag

Chris Pratt lands into controversy over Gadsden flag T-shirt


Meanwhile, people who hate the never-ending combination of the polity with history, that’s going to be out of your context. But the t-shirt, the flag and the message have something to do more with racism and white supremacy over America.

Chris Pratt’s T-shirt featured a coiled rattlesnake impressed over the American flag. The tee shows off some letters written in bold that says,


The flag may remind all political conservationists of the iconic Gadsden flag. The flag, once a symbol of liberty and freedom was a trending figure in the Revolutionary War of 1775. Moreover, only the White nationalist groups and White supremacists argued to adopt the flag, years ago.

Only the Tea Party more often revives the symbol for certain political purposes. So when the media persons first photographed Pratt wearing that much of a White nationalist Gadsden flag. I knew Chris Pratt will soon be running into surplus trouble.

Watch netizens’ reactions

The controversy was further fueled when people got to know about the flag being used in a wide range of illicit activities. Even more, the 2014 murder of Las Vegas police officers hinted at the use of Gadsden flag and Swastikas for draping the dead’s bodies.

So, it’s still unanswered whether Chris Pratt was what, indirectly submitting to White supremacy over Northern America or like more of us, is still clueless for why he’s all been dragged in.

While some of the anti-Chris Pratt mocked and thrashed and denounced the guy for promoting racism in Hollywood culture. Although, the other sect referred all them as ‘pure morons and bimbos.’

“Not every symbol in early republic is a white supremacy symbol, until you are a moron.”

— Ben Shapiro, the conservationist

In the meantime, the Twitterati openly supported and condemned Chris Pratt for what he did un/knowingly. Not to mention that a large number of blockheads advocated Chris Pratt to retire from acting.

Meanwhile, Hunter Harris, the Vulture writer wittingly replied to the active hatred comments.

Finally, just glad to see someone from Hollywood is actually supporting people’s right to defend each other. Nice.

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