Cincinnati Reds Rookie Aristides Aquino storms into record books in MLB debut season

Reds Rookie Aristides Aquino storms into record books in MLB debut season

Cincinnati Reds rookie Aristides Aquino is making history by minute in MLB debut season. The talented rookie has hit 7 homers just 10 games into his MLB career. He added three more homers on Saturday to his 4 to send the MLB fans into a euphoric obsession.

Aristides Aquino breaking records for fun

Aristides Aquino has taken the Major League Baseball world by storm indeed. He hit a whopping 3 homers out of 4 in Reds 10-1 drubbing of Chicago Cubs on Saturday. He sent a lot of records tumbling along the way. He is probably the most valuable buy by Reds this MLB Trade.

Reds Rookie Aristides Aquino storms into record books in MLB debut season

The Reds have unearthed a special talent in Aquino. Image : USA Today

Aristides Aquino is now tied for most homers in first 10 MLB career games with a whopping 7. He has also now become the first ever to hit homers in three consecutive in debut season. Next up Aristides Aquino also became only the second player in MLB to hit three homers in a game inside his first 10 career games.

Baseball world in awe over sensational rookie

The 25 year old Aristides Aquino has now given Cincinnati Reds a realistic chance of getting past the playoffs. With Saturday’s win, Aristides Aquino also called “The Punisher” has now sent Reds within 6 games of National League Central Division leaders Chicago Cubs.

The baseball can’t help but obsess over the unreal feats of the mere rookie.

Aquino though chose to be humble and focussed. He went on to tell ESPN reporters that he isn’t reading too much into the records.

β€œI’m not focused about my numbers,” Aquino told reporters on Saturday through an interpreter, via ESPN. β€œI don’t care about what I’ve done. The big thing is the team and to go out there and win as many games as we can.”

With the speed Aquino has picked up so and with his humility, it’s difficult to predict what heights he would reach. Cincinnati Reds would want to lengthen Aquino’s purple patch more than anything.

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