Cocaine found in shrimp in the UK, shocking study reveals

Cocaine found in shrimp, shocking study reveals

Recently, cocaine was discovered inside the shrimp by the researchers. This issue is very concerning. The government must take some necessary steps to protect our biodiversity. They also found illegal pesticides while they were searching for marine life in the U.K.

A detailed explanation of the incident

The researchers were looking for wildlife in the water. They discovered the freshwater shrimp with Gammarus pulex and different micropollutants. But later on, they made a startling discovery. The researches had found cocaine in the shrimps. These chemicals exposed to waterways in rural Suffolk.

Cocaine found in shrimp, shocking study reveals

After this shocking discovery, the researchers decided to take water samples from 15 different sites around Suffolk. Later on, the researchers also found other pharmaceuticals inside the bodies of other animals. Finally, they found 100% of cocaine in shrimp.

Dr Thomas Miller’s statement

Dr Thomas Miller stated that the concentration of cocaine was low. He further added that they detected other drugs like an illegal pesticide named fenuron and Ketamine. Plus, these pesticides are banned in the U.K.

However, such a compound might pose a huge threat to humans who are consuming freshwater fishes. Such drugs and chemicals should be prevented from entering the water bodies.

Cocaine found in shrimp, shocking study reveals

Various man-made pollutants are slowly destroying our ecosystem. As per the studies, microplastic pollution is also increasing on a large scale. The government should take some serious steps to save our environment.

Further research should be done if these chemicals is a threat to wildlife in Suffolk or a threat to the world’s aquatic system.

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