Colin Kaepernick Deal Status Confirmed after NFL Teams Meeting for Workout?

Colin Kaepernick Deal Confirmed after NFL Teams Meeting for Workout

Colin Kaepernick finally got a chance to impress the NFL teams after 3 years and the workout process has been the talk of the town lately. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback displayed his skillset at Charles R Drew High School in Atlanta in front of the NFL teams looking for a replacement player.

The whole thing was full of controversy as the earlier venue for the workout test was the Atlanta Falcons team facility but that place had a media blackout. Hence, Kaepernick decided to change it to Atlanta high school and brought the media with him. Here are the main updates from Colin Kaepernick’s workout in front of the NFL teams and the status of his trade deal.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout Updates

Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout Updates

Colin Kaepernick had not much luck on Sunday as only representatives from 7 out of 25 NFL teams showed up to his workout show. Jeff Nalley, the agent of Kaepernick was talking to most of the representatives and is confident that a new trade deal will be offered to his client soon.

At the same time, Nalley had some doubts regarding Colin Kaepernick’s playing status as none of the NFL teams gave them a clear answer. Kapernick himself talked to the media after the workout session and told that he would soon return to the NFL and play in the current season.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Deal Confirmed?

Colin Kaepernick NFL Deal Confirmed

The former 49ers star impressed the media and NFL team representatives by his strong workout show and by all means, he should get a new deal soon. But the controversy surrounding him could be the main reason why most of the teams are scared to sign him.

It would still take some time until the deal status of Colin Kapernick is cleared and we see him playing again in NFL. Jeff Nalley has kind of mixed opinions and he says that Kaepernick is ready to work out again at the individual team’s facility if someone offers him a chance for an NFL contract.

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