UFC 2019 might witness comeback of Connor Mcgregor

Connor Mcgregor might come back to UFC in 2019 only

Connor Mcgregor recent fight is as long back as 2018’s fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. His comeback is hardly in news and only die hard fans of the Notorious are expecting it. But Peter Queally’s recent statement is like music to the Irish’s fans.

Connor Mcgregor would surely come back inside UFC 2019 as per his teammate Peter Queally. The Irish Mirror reported Peter’s statement recently that pointed at his possible Comeback.

Connor Mcgregor in news for all the bad things

The Notorious recently avoided getting arrested over rape allegations. There’s no future matches lined up for him and UFC’s updates don’t even talk about his return. The Irish superstar Connor’s Twitter handle is the only updates fans are getting of him.

Connor Mcgregor might come back to UFC in 2019 only

Mcgregor last fought in a defeat to Khabib in 2018. Image: MMA Fighting

Connor Mcgregor’s best friend Peter Queally recently told Irish Mirror about his current status.

“He’s been struggling a little bit with a hand injury, which has been well documented in the media, so it’s hard to tell, but it’s definitely realistic that he will fight by the end of the year. If he wants to fight by the end of the year, he will fight by the end of the year.”

McGregor’s thumb injury is indeed well documented and since the start of this summer. Thumb injuries can take longer to recover than expected. Connor’s spirit though might help him recover sooner than others and his training photos might be out soon.

McGregor looks to be training hard again. from ufc

What else is going on Mcgregor’s mind ?

Connor Mcgregor recently expressed his desire of fighting the rising welterweight Jorge Masvidal. UFC president Dana White though firmly denied him of any possibilities because of the difference in weight categories.

The Irishman also wanted a share in UFC recently although White wasn’t impressed by the proposition. Connor Mcgregor is definitely more than capable of having a share looking at his astonishing income.

Connor Mcgregor updated a lot of photos before he sustained a right thumb injury. That points out to the fact that he’s definitely preparing to come back. But when ? That does remain a crucial question but there shouldn’t be anyone doubting his return. The superstar, Connor Mcgregor is bound to return to the Octagon that he has made his own since the past few years.

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