Conor McGregor hosts a 15th Century Castle for his daughter


Conor McGregor is a doting father. Although you never need reasons to prove folks how much you love your children. But sometimes you have to throw a big, ravishing party for your own kids to speak for your love. Conor McGregor stands at the same brink during his 6-months-old daughter, Croatia’s christening party in the Dublin state of Ireland.

Conor McGregor throws a magnificent party for his daughter

Conor McGregor hosts a 15th Century Castle for daughter's christening ceremony

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Meanwhile, Conor McGregor left no stones unturned while throwing a grand, captivating thanksgiving party over his daughter’s christening ceremony. He hosted the party at a mesmerizing 15th century Luttrellstown Castle Resort.

In fact, the most amazing thing about the party was not even Conor McGregor or his daughter, Croatia. Rather it was one of the most fascinating party themes I have ever heard of in a christening party. The ‘fairytale theme’ featured some real-life fairies, mourning devils, a fair amount of garden games, and a hot, sassy disco.

The adults were bestowed with a fine, refreshing dinner with champagnes and cigars. You’d probably remember about Conor McGregor sharing the same venue location for celebrating his 2-year-old son, Conor Junior’s christening party.

Updates on a quick MMA return

It appears as if the booming castle McGregor’s happy, lucky palace to cherish his family time.

Meanwhile, he’s busy with his family right now and has revealed no plans of coming back the year. The martial artist’s fans are growing reluctant to his screen absence for all these months.

And after months of expecting Conor McGregor to come back anytime soon, the UFC President has hinted about hi reentering very soon.

We talked last week and he is really looking forward to making a comeback. Everything he is looking to see right now shall play out in early September. So you gotta have wait till then.

Furthermore, we do have a McGregor’s frenemy waiting for him to return in the ring. Jorge Masvidal, Conor’s everlasting rival is eager to challenge the 31-year-old fighter in competitions next month.
McGregor fought his last MMA match in last year’s October. Corner ended the match abruptly by losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov via submission. In his decade-long MMA career, Conor McGregor has posted a 21-4 record with all four losses counting for submission.

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