Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal CONFIRMED After UFC 244?

Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal UFC 246

Conor McGregor is one of the hottest names not just in UFC but in the world of combat sports at large. His announcement that he will be returning to UFC soon was quite a head-turner. McGregor also pointed out that he will, at some point, face the winner of the Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal bout at UFC 244. Now that the fight is over, it appears that Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal will happen at some point in 2020.

McGregor vs Masvidal


Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal Confirmed After UFC 244?

Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal hasn’t officially been announced by Dana White or UFC, but given that McGregor loves getting involved in top fights, this match should be a high priority for him. McGregor has taken shots at everyone ranging from Gaethje to Edgar to Poirier and Khabib. However, Masvidal has been one man who Conor actually wants to face because he holds the ‘BMF’ belt – something that McGregor would really like to call himself.

Jorge Masvidal and The Rock

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This will most likely be his second fight after his return. Masvidal too has been taking shots at McGregor. He recently called him a ‘coward’ and said that Conor McGregor is afraid to face him. Let us take a closer look at who would win a fight between Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal.

Who Will Win McGregor vs Masvidal?

Jorge Masvidal vs Conor Mcgregor

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If McGregor takes this fight seriously, there is no way that Jorge Masvidal can defeat McGregor. While Masvidal will prove to be a tough opponent, we know from his years of fights within the Octagon that Conor McGregor is a name to be feared and a name that commands respect. So when McGregor vs Masvidal finally happens, the betting odds are likely to support the Irishman.

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