Coronavirus Vaccine Progress Updates: Where does the World stands on COVID-19 Vaccine and How Long will it take?

Coronavirus Vaccine Progress Updates Where does the World stands on COVID-19 Vaccine and How Long will it take

Coronavirus vaccine is under research all over the world as everyone is racing to find a means to stop the pandemic. It is not an easy task to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 outbreak where the entire world can’t even function properly due to lockdown and other safety measures. The laboratories and research facilities all over the world with the support of the government are working hard to find a permanent cure for the deadly virus.

Every pharmaceutical company has been trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine but it has to go through several trials before deemed safe for humans. Here are the latest updates on Coronavirus vaccine progress, where does the world stand on it and why is it taking so long?

Top Countries which are closer to Coronavirus Vaccine

Top Countries which are closer to Coronavirus Vaccine 

United States, China, Italy, India, Israel, and the United Kingdom are the top countries closer to finding a coronavirus vaccine. Thee are several layers of breakthroughs, antibody developments, animal trials and in several place trials on human patients have also started. Most of them are claiming to develop a successful vaccine to stop COVID-19 from spreading and neutralizing the virus.

While there is definitely a lot of progress across various institutes, it will take time for them to get approval by a universal body. There is no way the world will start taking any kind of coronavirus vaccine until it goes all the phases of research and trial. It might take around 5-6 months before any vaccine to combat COVID-19 can start mass production.

How long will it take for COVID-19 Vaccine to come out?

How long will it take for COVID-19 Vaccine to come out

Coronavirus vaccine is not an easy thing that can be developed and distributed within a few months of research. There are several diseases whose vaccine development is under progress for decades and yet there is no breakthrough. Meanwhile, the Coronavirus is a new disease that came out only a few months ago and hence there is not even enough data on the virus structure.

The biggest challenge in coronavirus vaccine is the safety concern, it has to go through multiple stages of security checks before it gets approved. Even at the fastest rate, the earliest COVID-19 vaccine can come out is near the end of this year. All we can do until a permanent solution is out is to follow safety protocols and adapt to living in masks and following social distancing.

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