Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid Split Rumours: Couple Facing Trouble In Paradise After A Year Of Pandemic

Courteney Cox Johnny McDaid
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Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are on the threshold of separation. At least, that’s what rumours have to say. Let’s see if there is any truth to this piece of gossip.

Courteney Cox Johnny McDaid

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Courtney Cox Getting Close To Ex David Arquette?

Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s impending reunion on the set of Scream 5 was raising some concerns. Apparently, their daughter, CoCo, was very excited for her parents to reunite because she believed Cox might still have feelings for Arquette. It was also suggested that the exes’ respective partners would not be surprised for the pair to reunite. They have supposedly noticed the true devotion between the exes.

Not only have Cox and Arquette been working together this entire time. However, there is no reason to believe they still harbor romantic feelings for one another. It’s also ridiculous to suggest their respective partners would be unsurprised if their relationships fell apart. It simply doesn’t make any sense.

Courtney Cox Johnny McDaid

Distance Tearing The Couple Apart?

Word was also that McDaid and Cox’s long-distance relationship was driving Cox to a breaking point. Since they were stuck in different countries, McDaid in Ireland, Cox in the U.S., for eight months during the coronavirus pandemic, their relationship was apparently suffering over the distance. Long distance had led the couple to hit pause on their relationship. The couple needed some time to reevaluate.

However, the truth is that, the couple was making it work over the distance. And such stories were simply a work of fiction. Additionally, the couple reunited shortly after these stories were published.

A Complicated Reunion

Rumours were that Cox and McDaid’s Irish reunion may not have been as sweet as expected. Gossip mongers claimed their long-awaited meetup in Ireland was far from romantic. Cox laid all her cards on the table and made it clear that things had to change in their relationship moving forward. The couple apparently had a long discussion to either figure things out or go their separate ways.

Truth be told, the couple had missed each other dearly while they were apart and had a joyous reunion. Tabloids love to invent unnecessary drama in Cox and McDaid’s relationship.

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