Cowboys vs Jets: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones to Fire Head Coach Jason Garrett after Three Straight Loss

Cowboys vs Jets Jerry Jones Coach Garrett

Dallas Cowboys lost an easy game against the New York Jets and it has made them question everything in their team. With the NFL Week 6 loss against the Jets, the Cowboys lost the last three games and are now at 3-3 record after an amazing 3-0 start. While the blame is shifted on Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot and several other players, one name who is on top is the Dallas head coach Jason Garrett.

Apparently, the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not very happy with how the team did last Sunday. Jones was celebrating his 77th birthday and instead of a victory gift, Garrett and the Cowboys gave him an embarrassment. It is why Jerry Jones might make some big changes in team and firing coach Jason Garrett could be the start.

Jerry Jones is Not Happy with Cowboys Coach

 Cowboys vs Jets Jerry Jones is Not Happy with Cowboys Coach

Ever since the Cowboys losing the game against the New Orleans Saints, Jason Garrett is said to be on the hot seat. Jerry Jones might have been saying nothing in front of the media, being diplomatic and speaking in favor of Garrett.

But the things which go behind the camera can be entirely different, as everyone knows that Jones takes the Cowboys team very seriously and it is more than just a business for him. Even though Jerry Jones has said they don’t evaluate things on a weekly basis, a few more loses and Garrett can suffer the same fate as the Redskins did with Jay Gruden.

Jason Garrett to be Fired or Contract Extension Canceled?

 Cowboys vs Jets Jason Garrett to be Fired or Contract Extension Cancelled

Jason Garrett impressed everyone on the Cowboys side after the first three games where the team was running like a well-oiled machine. It all changed in the last three games and we have 10 more games left for the NFL 2019 season to decide what will happen with Garrett.

If the Cowboys are somehow able to make a comeback, Jerry Jones might spare Jason Garrett. In case things don’t work out and the Dallas Cowboys are out of the playoffs, there is no way Jones will extend the contract of coach Garrett and he will be immediately fired from the team.

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