Cuphead and Mughead set to land on Netflix soon!

The Cuphead Show soon on Netflix.

The Cuphead brothers from the run and gun classic video game is all set to embrace the floors of Netflix. Netflix is set to produce the animated version of the popular XBOX game, titled The Cuphead Show.

Cuphead and Mughead come alive

The cuphead and mughead coming soon

The series will feature the game’s eccentric art style. Inspired by classic 1930’s style cartoon, Fleischer. Its been continually praised by the people and has won awards since its debut in 2013.

Circling around the escapades of Cuphead and his brother, Mughead. The two protagonists in the game, rove around to pay it off to the Devil. Its a thriller game with loads of running and shooting and a list of numerous boss fights at every level.

As a result, the game’s not so cushy. So it’ll be a treat to watch spontaneous Cuphead and his alert yet spinnable brother Mughead take it down on Netflix.

The Cuphead makes way to Netflix

According to the trends, Netflix is quite fussy recently about the shows it rolls on its screen. Especially with the high budgeted ventures. Yet the huge fan base of the top-notch game seems to have made the cut.

Hence, Netflix is coming together with King Features Syndicate to bring the Cuphead and Mughead alive. Likewise, the game has scored the sales of more than 4 million copies since 2017.

Tad bit of a long wait, or what?

When the show will air on Netflix, or how the plot will unfold is still not confirmed. But if the authentic approach of the game is put to work, then the fans might have to wait a wee bit longer.

The game’s production had been a tedious task, handcrafting each frame of the animated game is time-consuming. Reasonable enough for developer Studio MDHR to delay the release of The Cuphead Show to the next year.

However, with the resolute animators ready to join in, the animated game show will very soon roll on the Netflix screens and woo its fans all the more. Stay updated with us on Blocktoro and we promise to bring you the latest buzz right here.

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