Cure for Cancer: Scientists remove Cervical Cancer from Mice, Humans to be Cured Next

Cure for Cancer in Mice

Cure for Cancer is still being worked on but in the meantime Scientists and Doctors have made some kind of progress on the different front. The technology in the medical field has been developed a lot and the CRISPR-Cas9 tool is the latest achievement.

It is a life-saving tech that was used earlier to remove HIV and now it has been successfully able to cure Cervical Cancer in mice. In the recent news, a group of Scientists from Australia cured cervical cancer on a mice model in their first attempt. The breakthrough is considered as a milestone as human testing will start soon and in the next few years, the cure for cancer will be out.

Curing the Cervical Cancer in Mice

Curing the Cervical Cancer in Mice

Dr. Luqman Jabair and Professor Nigel McMillan published their paper on the study of molecular therapy where they revealed about curing cervical cancer on the animal model. CRISPR-Cas9 was used to specifically target the tumors by using nanoparticles with their stealth properties. The method has been recently used in various medical treatments and it is used to edit the genes of cancer cells and stop them from spreading or completely eliminate them.

In the study conducted at Griffith University’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland, the researchers used the mice model that cervical cancer cells. The nanoparticles injected started looking for the infected cells which and added extra DNA in them and it worked like spell checker not finding the word as extra letters are added. The scientists reported a 100 percent survival rate of the mice, but there could be some unknown gene changes which is why they will wait for a few more years before starting the human trials.

Human Testing will Start Soon

Human Testing will Start Soon

The research is such a big success that scientists will now test the same on humans after a few years it is found completely safe. In the meantime, they will also try to cure the other forms of cancer in mice by finding the perfect gene composition. The clinical trials on humans will be started once the FDA approves the method and very soon we will achieve the cure for cancer.

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