Cure for Coronavirus: Collective Intelligence Ideas to tackled COVID-19 in Developing Countries

Cure for Coronavirus Collective Intelligence Ideas to tackled COVID-19 in Developing Countries

Cure for Coronavirus is under research among the top developed nations but their health system is having a hard time dealing with the pandemic. Even though the infection curve will be flattened soon, the epicenter of COVID-19 can shift in the future as the less developed nations have no means to fight the disease.

There have been several collective intelligence initiatives such as data and machine intelligence, DIY biology communities, open-source testing kits, crowd insights and more. Here are the five best collective intelligence ideas that can help developing countries to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Developing Countries can Beat Coronavirus by Collective Intelligence

Developing Countries can Beat Coronavirus by Collective Intelligence 

Mapping Medical Supply and Demands: Most of the poor countries can’t afford to buy expensive medical equipment such as ventilators and masks, in some cases don’t even know what tools they need. The COVID-19 frontline workers and emergency responders could use a mapping tool that connects local and national supplies, storage, manufacturing units in real-time and take action as per the requirements.

Open-Source Local Production: The design and specs of tools that can help fight COVID-19 such as PPE and N95 masks should be made public so that local units with 3D printers and other such infrastructure can help in the production process. There should be crowdfunded opensource designs for things such as making face visors or recycled gowns which also ensures the safety and provide other valuable information.

Using Community Assets: The people living in slums and other such areas can’t maintain social distancing to avoid COVID-19 infection. It is why schools, churches, stadiums and other such open spaces should be converted to mass quarantine centers.

Smarter Surge Response: There is always a shortage of health workers during COVID-19 outbreak or other such chronic diseases. The trick is to find the potential hotspots where there are clusters of such cases so that the surge rate can be controlled with an appropriate response. The government resources and humanitarian organization needs to collaborate and focus on their goal to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Medical Community Discussion: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Scientists and Doctors from all over the world are discussing updates daily about their research. The nations with low literacy rates are having certain problems to receive public health information. It is time for the global hivemind to come together and have no language barriers and translate everything into the local languages.


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