Cure for HIV/AIDS: American Gene Technologies Claims to Find a Drug for the Permanent Cure

Cure for HIV AIDS by American Gene Technologies

Cure for HIV/AIDS will be out soon as the American Gene Technologies (AGT) believes they have found a drug which can cure the epidemic for once and all. AGT submitted a 1000 page report to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and within those pages lies the cure for HIV and AIDS.

The announcement came on Wednesday night when AGT submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) to US FDA. The official name given to the drug is AGT 103T and it is the company’s lead HIV program. It uses cell and gene therapy and differs from most of the traditional treatments. Once the FDA approves the methods and the meds, a permanent HIV/AIDS cure could be accessible to the whole world.

Single Dose Drug to Cure HIV/AIDS

Single Dose Drug to Cure HIV AIDS

There are more than 38 million people in the world suffering from HIV or AIDS and around 1.1 million out of them live in the United States alone. Antiretroviral treatment (ART) drugs so far have been only effective in prolonging the infected person’s life and that too in only certain cases. Given the cost of ART therapy and the complications involved, there is a strong need for a single drug that completely eliminates HIV and not let the reservoir come back after medicines are stopped.

It is why American Gene Technologies have come up with a single-dose drug with the purpose of eradicating HIV once and for all so that the infected patients can live a normal and healthy life. Irene Tennant, Vice President of Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs says that their aim is to improve people’s lives, stop their suffering and give them a prolonged lifespan.

Waiting for FDA Clearance

Wait for FDA Clearance

Jeff Galvin, the CEO of American Gene Technologies said that “We want these people to get out of the jail of HIV and live a normal life. These people must move from anti-retroviral therapies to permanent immunity and our research project will make it possible.”

AGT will get the approval from FDA around the end of the year and once it gets a green signal, clinical trials will start from January 2020 and HIV/AIDS will be cured soon.

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