Cure for HIV/AIDS Breakthrough Hits a Controversial Snag over Using Human Patients

Cure for HIV AIDS

AIDS is still one of the widest spread diseases in the world for which no solid cure has been found yet. There are some sort of breakthroughs every month but somehow there is no actual working solution. The recent claims by Dr. Jeremiah Ojonemi Alabi Abalaka have divided the whole medical world community into two sides.

The Nigerian doctor is saying that the American scientists and doctors don’t want to cure HIV or AIDS and are just extorting money out of the patients in the name of ARV treatments. While most of the medical experts are saying that Dr. Abalaka himself has violated safety polices and is testing out the AIDS treatment method on humans which is banned by law.

Dr. Abalaka vs Medical Experts

Cure for HIV/AIDSDr. Abalaka vs Medical Experts

Dr. Abalaka in a recent interview told that “I infected myself with HIV 20 years ago and today, I have a cure for HIV, not AIDS. The Western world does not want to lose the money coming from ARVs, whereas I can cure HIV for a few Kobos.” While Dr. Abalaka has been claiming to work for a cure since 1999, he has been shut down many times by the federal government.

Dr. Segun Olaopa from NARD believes that the government should listen to what he has to offer. But Dr. Francis Adedayo Faduyile from NMA says that there is no place for orthodox medicine as there are no guidelines to follow. The whole world media and medical experts have different opinions on the research off Dr. Abalaka and it would soon be clear whether his claims are right or not.

No Test Protocols and Human Testing of HIV Vaccine

No Test Protocols and Human Testing of HIV Vaccine

Dr. Abiodun Osiyemi, another expert on HIV/AIDS says that Abalaka is nothing but a scam who is using humans as guinea pigs in his experiments and must be stopped. There is no way it is legal to experiment a drug on humans without any clearance from medical boards.

The magic vaccine which the Nigerian doctor claims can cure AIDS was dismissed as fake in the year 2000 and has started to make rounds on the internet again after a Whatsapp video on the same went viral. The federal government should act and stop such vaccines on human trials as proper medical protocols must be followed in such cases.

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