Cure for HIV/AIDS: New Technology to Kill the Virus Latent Reservoir for Permanent Cure

Cure for HIV/AIDS

Cure for HIV/AIDS is under progress through different institutes by various types of technologies and advanced methods. The latest in the line is the team of Gladstone Scientists and their partners at Xyphos Biosciences, Inc who have developed a new way of attacking the virus-infected cells. It uses an advanced version of CAR-T technology which was recently used successfully for curing blood cancer cells.

The new convertibleCAR is used in the fight against HIV as it could eliminate the virus latent reservoir which if left after the Antiretroviral therapy(ART). The virus which hides after the ART treatment can be now killed using CAR-T tech and a permanent cure for HIV/AIDS will soon be developed.

CAR-T and Antibodies attacking the VirusCure for HIV/AIDS CAR-T and Antibodies attacking the Virus

The conventional CAR-T technology uses a form of immune cells called cytotoxic T cells which can carry a version of antibodies on their surface. The antibody has the capability which allows the cytotoxic T cells to stick to the target cells, ex: leukemic cell and then attack and totally destroy the same.

But the method is very costly and time-consuming as to kill each pathogen cell a CAR-T cell will be needed. It is why the convertibleCAR at technology is used which can combine any number of antibodies with the cytotoxic killer T cells. This method is very useful in fighting HIV as it has hundreds of variations of the viruses and all of them can be killed with it.

Permanent Cure for HIV/AIDS

Permanent Cure for HIV AIDS

ConvertibleCAR technology could fasten the progress of finding a permanent cure for HIV as other fields are also developing. The universal donor cells are very close in terms of mass production and it could reduce the overall cost of the treatment.

Also, the method of combining a single T cell with several Antibodies has a lot of applications even in other medical fields too. The comverCAR-T cells are also efficient in eliminating the virus latent reservoir which is getting one step closer to curing HIV/AIDS.

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