Cure for HIV/AIDS: Human Trials for Gene Therapy HIV Cure will finally Start after FDA Approval

Cure for HIV:AIDS- Human Trials for Gene Therapy HIV Cure will finally Start after FDA Approval

Cure for HIV/AIDS will be out soon as American Gene Technologies has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The human trials for a gene therapy solution as a possible HIV cure will start soon. FDA has authorized the Phase I trial of the product known as AGT103-T.

AGT103-T is made from blood cells that increase the body’s T cells to fight HIV. It initiates a process that uses gene therapy and helps those cells survive in the process. Here are more details on the possible cure for HIV/AIDS and the human trials approved by the FDA to end the disease.

Phase 1 Trial for AGT103-T by American Gene Technologies

Phase 1Trial for AGT103-T by American Gene Technologies 

American Gene Technologies has made collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease to clear the HIV-infected human cells. The Phase 1 trial will investigate the safety of AGT103-T and make sure that it is effective. The trials will start at clinics in Baltimore-Washington, D.C., metropolitan area from September.

Even though antiretroviral drugs are able to control the spread of HIV, they are not a permanent cure. The ART therapy has to be a lifetime commitment, and might also have several side effects. It is why there is a need to have a permanent HIV cure like AGT103-T that ends the disease for once and all.

FDA Approval for HIV Cure Human Trial

FDA Approval for HIV Cure Human Trial 

FDA has approved the Phase 1 trials for the possible HIV cure and it might be the first human trial process that has gotten a green signal. It could change the entire medical history if HIV or AIDS are cured as millions of people are suffering from the epidemic.

I am confident AGT103-T will be an important step towards an eventual cure for HIV. This is momentous news that we have FDA approval to launch Phase I and conduct our first human trials. We are beyond excited to reach this milestone. This brings us closer to our goal of transforming lives with genetic medicines, this therapy has a high potential to be effective.”

CEO Jeff Galvin

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