Cure for HIV/AIDS: Medical Tech Company Claims to Find HIV Cure

Cure for HIV and AIDS

American Gene Technologies (AGT), one of the biggest medical tech companies based out of Maryland claims that they have found a cure for HIV/AIDS. The treatment will use the gene therapy method and eliminate the disease for once and all. The pharmaceutical company has filed a 1000-page report for approval to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and withing those pages HIV cure is mentioned in detail.

If true, it could turn out to be the biggest achievement so far and they can change the lives of every infected patient. AGT company is celebrating their achievement, their scientists and researchers are giving interviews to the media, and their team is confident that the new single-dose drug developed by them will cure HIV and AIDS.

Single Dose Drug to Cure HIV/AIDS

Single Dose Drug to Cure HIV AIDS

AGT was working on their lead HIV program called AGT 103-T and the method adopted them was to expand cells outside a patient’s body and then re-insert them back. While the current treatment for HIV includes a minimum of three drugs to be taken every day for the rest of their life, it is just like prolonging their life with toxic chemotherapy.

It is why the company has been working on a single dosage drug that could eliminate HIV for once and all. The aim is to restore the infected person’s immunity back to normal so that he or she doesn’t fall sick to other diseases. The Anti-retroviral therapy was never a permanent solution and the new drug developed by AGT could be gamechanger in the field.

HIV Cure will be Available in the Market Soon

HIV Cure will be Available in the Market Soon

Jeff Galvin, the CEO of AGT has said, “We need to move these people from anti-retroviral control to permanent immunity and we think this project may be able to do that.” The human clinical trials will start around January 2020 once they get approval from the FDA.

Although, it may still take the company several years to mass-produce the new HIV vaccine/drug and there will be also the challenge to make it affordable. As per the WHO reports, around 38 million people are currently living with HIV and only half of them have access to treatment, the new drug from AGT could change that and eliminate HIV and AIDS from this world.

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