Cure for HIV/AIDS: Microsoft Bill and Melinda Gates Joins Hands with NIH to Cure HIV

Cure for HIV AIDS by Bill Gates

Cure for HIV would soon be possible due to the advanced work being done in the genetic research and gene-based treatments. It is why Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have joined hands with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and will invest $200 million for the next 4 years.

The money will be used in the development of a gene-based cure for HIV/AIDS and other sickle cell diseases. Microsoft and NIH both will invest $100 million to make effective and affordable medicines for the cure of HIV and also make sure it’s globally available even in lowers and secluded areas.

Curing HIV/AIDS in Africa

Curing HIV in Africa

The collaboration between Microsoft, one of the most advanced tech giant and NIH, which have a lot of global resources is to combine the two for developing a cure for HIV and AIDS. NIH has access to most of the health organization and researches, it has the infrastructure to distribute if there is a possible cure worldwide.

Bill Gates has always been donating a lot to the African children and the main aim of the collaboration is to work with those countries to make clinical trials and observe the progress report. It won’t be sufficient just to find a cure for HIV, there also needs to be an effective means to transportation and distribution of the said cure in the areas which need it most.

Accessible Cure for HIV/AIDS

Accessible Cure for HIV AIDS

NIH is working on a new type of delivery system that can get the prospective therapies in the right parts of the body. It is also working to target the specific cells of HIV and treat it more efficiently. The main aim is to eliminate the virus reservoir completely and it requires costly gene-editing therapies and treatment.

It is not just about the cost, the treatments are so complex and the setup required is too much to handle for the patient and the doctors. More than 95% of the 38 million infected people with HIV are in low resource areas and it won’t be possible for them to get advanced treatment. It is why NIH and the Gates Foundation are working together to find a viable and affordable HIV/AIDS cure in the next few years.

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