Cure for HIV/AIDS: New RNA Research Brings Hope for Medicine

Cure for HIV AIDS New RNA Research could help in the discovery of Drugs for HIV Cure

Cure for HIV-AIDS is under research and new breakthroughs are made in the direction lately. The new research on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) structure has revealed that there could be a potential drug to target the virus infection and cure the disease. There are two different forms of HIV’s RNA, which means that the genetic code of the virus can be studied in two ways.

It is necessary to understand the functional diversity of the virus to understand how HIV replicates in the body. The scientific community has discovered that a single nucleotide has a huge effect on HIV transmission and it can be used to understand how it works. It is why research is carried on with the goal to find an HIV drug that can target the specific genetic spot and prevent further infection of the virus.

Effective Treatment for HIV Patients

Effective Treatment for HIV Patients

Even though there is no cure for HIV, we have so far managed to control AIDS and people are able to live with the disease. Although there are some side effects, the medicine program is complex and costly, and patients with other medical conditions such as liver or kidney can’t use them. There are several HIV drugs in the form of a single pill which can prevent the virus from replicating, but at one point it just mutates or goes latent.

One of the latest HIV research is working on a drug that can be taken just once a year and prevent the disease from spreading into other parts of your body. Whereas, the goal of the current researchers is to develop an HIV drug that has minimum side effects so patients with other health conditions can use it for treatment without any issues.

Future Research for HIV Cure and Expanding the Horizon

Future Research for HIV Cure and Expanding the Horizon 

Dr. Joshua Brown, the head of the research group says that they are interested to see how other labs interpret their results. It will be nice for others to expand the research and find other applications of RNA functions to find the HIV cure. The ripple effect could go further and even change the cell biology field finding more aspects to it. It would be a whole paradigm shift in RNA biology that will help in finding a cure for HIV/AIDS and even the coronavirus.

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