Cure for HIV/AIDS: New Strawberry Flavored anti-HIV Medicines to Stop AIDS in Children

Cure for HIV AIDS New Strawberry Flavored anti-HIV Medicines to Stop AIDS in Children

Cure for HIV/AIDS has not to be found out only for adults but the kids born as HIV positive are also a major part of the epidemic. There has to be a solution to cure the little children having HIV and AIDS so that the disease can be ended at the end level. There are roughly 80,000 babies and toddlers dying of AIDS every year and the primary reason is the unavailability of proper medicines.

The bitter taste of the medicines treating HIV is something which the kids don’t like and hence they don’t swallow them. One of the biggest pharmaceutical company Cipla has invented a Strawberry flavored anti-HIV medicine, especially for children. With proper reach and distribution, the new meds can help to stop HIV/AIDS in children at a worldwide level.

Strawberry Flavored anti-HIV Medicine for Children

Strawberry Flavored anti-HIV Medicine for Children

It is why Cipla has come up with an innovative solution, introducing an anti-HIV drug named Quadrimune, which is strawberry-flavored and tastes much better. It comes in capsules and can be sprinkled into other foods and drinks, making it easier to swallow and ingest by kids who are very little in age.

The new medicine will have four recommended antiretroviral drugs and won’t require refrigeration which is a big issue in Africa due to high temperatures, lack of resources and frequent electricity issues. Quadrimune is also very inexpensive as it would just cost $1 per day for an average child of 25 pounds and it could save a lot of little lives.

Effective Way of Stopping HIV/AIDS

Effective Way of Stopping HIV AIDS

As of right now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reviewing Quadrimune and it would most likely be approved by early 2020. There will be still many years before an effective cure for HIV and AIDS is out and it is better to stop the spreading of the virus in the meantime. The plan is to widely distribute the Strawberry flavored HIV medicines and try to control the epidemic in children and end it in adults too by U=U means.

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