Cure for HIV-AIDS: Preclinical Drug Trials indicates HIV Cure will be Possible Soon

Cure for HIV-AIDS ImmunityBio’s Preclinical Drug Trials indicates HIV Cure will be Possible Soon

Cure for HIV/AIDS is still not available but we have so far managed to turn it into a non-lethal disease. The antiretroviral treatment (ART) therapy has prolonged the lives of people infected with HIV and Scientists are now looking to end the virus completely. The aim is to develop such a drug that can attack the HIV reservoir and eliminate all traces of the virus.

It would mean people won’t have to take pills daily to keep HIV in check and they won’t even transmit it to others while having sex. The preclinical results of ImmunityBio’s HIV drug have shown promising results in monkeys and could soon prove to be the permanent cure for HIV and AIDS.

N-803 Drug and Preclincal Test Results

N-803 Drug and Preclincal Test Results

N-803 is a long-acting interleukin (IL)-15 “superagonist drug which is used for viral infections such as HIV. There are three preclinical tests conducted for N-803 on monkeys which have shown ideal results. The drug interacts with broadly neutralizing antibody (bNAb) which can block various types of HIV from infecting healthy human cells.

The bNabs when combined with immunomodulators such as N-803 can create a synergistic effect and suppress the HIV virus on its own. It also boosts the immune system and makes the viral antigens more effective, allowing the bNabs to eliminate the virus easily. The test results showed that the viruses in monkeys were suppressed even after 20 weeks of stopping ART medicines, which shows that HIV can be cured very soon in humans too.

HIV Cure is Coming Out Soon

HIV Cure is Coming Out Soon

ImmunityBio is now expanding the research and will soon enter the next phase of clinical trials and possibly human trials too. N-803 can also be used to treat other viral infections such as Influenza and novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). HIV cure could soon be possible if the drugs pass all safety trials as it has already proved effective in eliminating the virus. The main goal of all the future HIV research is to prevent or cure the disease completely and not just find a way to live with it.

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