Cure for HIV/AIDS: President Trump Shares Progress Update on a Potential Cure/Vaccine


A cure is required for the HIV that destroys the infected person’s immune system. Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a retrovirus which continues reproducing until the cell bursts thereby infecting new cells as well.


This is the reason which allows such rapid spread of the virus and leads to Stage IV which ultimately results in patient’s death. Fortunately, in the past 4 decades, HIV has become a manageable condition which has provided a ray of hope for those infected since they can now live longer and enjoy a healthy life too.

HIV: Available Treatments

Although the medical science has so far not been able to find an exact cure for the HIV/AIDS, a wide array of treatments has been made available for the patients. It must be noted that if untreated, HIV can become fatal, hence early treatment is necessary.

At present, one of the most effective drugs available to patients is the antiretroviral drug. It is a medication that contains the reproduction of the virus in the patient’s body thereby reducing the overall HIV population in the body.

According to WHO, ARV can reduce the transmission risk by a whopping 96%.

Another effective drug that was formulated back in 1987 is the azidothymidine, which blocks the enzyme that aids HIV’s duplication. As of today, FDA has approved a total of 55 drugs for HIV/AIDS.

The last breakthrough towards formulating a cure for HIV/AIDS is the stem cell treatment that was able to cure two patients completely. However, there needs to be a lot more research since even other patients who received the stem cell treatment were not cured.

HIV: When Does it End?

President Trump last year mentioned in his SOTU that an important goal of his administration is to eradicate the HIV and he made a promise that the goal will be realized within 10 years. This week, the POTUS (as per stated that the administration has initiated steps towards this goal and partnered with private businesses to find a cure for HIV/AIDS.

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