Cure for HIV/AIDS: Scientists Cure HIV in Animals, One Step Closer to Working Human Cure

Cure for HIVAIDS Scientists Cure HIV in Animals, One Step Closer to Working Human Cure

Cure for HIV/AIDS is about to get a major breakthrough as researchers and scientists at the University of Nebraska Medical Center have been successful to eliminate the virus in animals. The scientists working gene-editing therapy pioneered at Temple University are one step closer to find a working human cure that can solve the epidemic of HIV and AIDS.

It is one of the major breakthroughs of this decade and the battle against the fatal disease might be coming to an end soon. The long-acting, slow-effective release antiretroviral therapy (LASER ART) developed and manufactured at UNMC special facility could be soon ready to treat humans infected with HIV-AIDS.

Theranostics to Cure HIV in Animals with Human DNA

Theranostics to Cure HIV in Animals and Humans

The method applied to cure HIV in animals used a special target medicine that can suppress the virus where it grows to a large extent. The new research field called theranostics is a combination of therapeutic and diagnostics. UNMC researchers were able to record the drug’s destination into a mouse injected with human DNA by the treatment using an MRI.

They placed an iron tag on each nanoparticle and it shows as a black stain, was enough to determine its exact location. The scientists were able to determine whether the drugs were reaching the proper destination or not and also the time taken by the drugs inside the tissues of the animals. They were able to cure HIV in animals with human DNA and now the next phase will start which will have human trials and mass production of the medicines and vaccines.

Human Trials and Mass Production to Start Soon

Human Trials and Mass Production to Start Soon

UNMC has renovated a tissue culture facility in the Lied Transplant Center and turned it into a specialized manufacturing facility so that they can start the mass production of its new HIV cure. The production plant is following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which allows the HIV drug to produce at quality standards in relatively small quantities.

It will help them in getting a fast track approval for Food and Drug Administration. The raw materials will be exported to countries like India and China and the production on HIV drug will start soon once it’s cleared for human trials.

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