Cure for HIV/AIDS: Scientists develops Antibody Vaccine to Cure HIV Permanently

Cure for HIV AIDS

Cure for HIV may be closer than we think as Scientists and Researchers all over the world are working hard and getting close to a permanent solution. In the latest two articles published by researchers from San Diego, a cure which can prevent the HIV infection will be under development very soon. Both articles were published last Wednesday in the Science Translational Medicine journal.

The research for finding a cure for HIV/AIDS was done by Scientists from Scripps Research, Duke University, and the National Institutes of Health. Here are the summaries of the two articles and how an HIV vaccine can cure the disease permanently.

Article 1: Stimulating HIV Antibodies

Stimulating HIV Antibodies

The article focused on developing antibodies that can neutralize the HIV threat and it is very closer for production. As per their name, the antibodies make a broader range of HIV strains inactive, but by the time it takes them to complete the process, the virus is well developed.

It is why Scientists are working on stimulating the antibody process, but that requires multiple-step processes, regular vaccines, and separate immunizations. As of right now, the antibodies are under clinical testing, to check whether they can control the HIV infection and even kill the already infected cells.

Article 2: Vaccine to kill HIV

Vaccine to kill HIV

The second article describes in detail a vaccine strategy to improve the immune system which can prevent HIV from turning into AIDS and even suppress every virus. The main strategy is to make more B cells, whose ancestors cells can create HIV neutralizing antibodies.

These cells will undergo genome mutation as they are exposed to antigens, making antibodies that fit perfectly on weak spots of viruses. A vaccine is being worked on under which the B cells multiply and then point their descendants to making the broadly neutralizing HIV curing antibodies.

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