Cure for HIV/AIDS: Scientists Discover New HIV Strain, Closer to Curing the Disease

Cure for HIV AIDS

Cure for HIV/AIDS is still not found as there are so many types of virus which makes it difficult to make a vaccine. Since every strain of HIV requires a separate method to eliminate them, epidemics such as AIDS and Cancer are still incurable. But for the first time in 19 years, Scientist has discovered a major new strain of HIV which could be a big breakthrough for finding the HIV/AIDS cure.

The latest strain uncovered is part of the HIV-1 version, Group M and the same family of viruses is mainly responsible for spreading the disease all over the world. Abbott Laboratories and the University of Missouri, Kansas City conducted the research together and are now working on a possible solution to kill the HIV strain and cure the deadly disease.

Discovery of New HIV Strain

Discovery of New HIV Strain

HIV generally has many different types of strains and the virus can mutate over time which makes the use of simple drugs ineffective in killing them. The first Group M HIV strains were discovered in 2000 and now a new type has been found which means that the test to detect AIDS is effective.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has said that the biggest problems lie with identifying the cause of HIV and discovering the new strains will help them understand how the viruses evolve. Fauci also assured people not to panic as there are very rare chances of someone getting affected by it and they are also working on a cure based on the discovery.

Treatment to Eliminate the HIV Strain

Treatment to Eliminate the HIV Strain

The Scientists at Abbott and the University of Missouri have been searching for new types of HIV strains for years and it was like looking for a needle in the haystack. The sample HIV strain was fully sequenced and they now have a clear structure and it was found out that it was subtype L from the M Group.

The latest discovery is an indication that to cure HIV/AIDS one must learn how it develops and functions. The virus is constantly changing and hence they develop a treatment that can also evolve and keep up with HIV and eliminate it at the end.

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