Cure for HIV/AIDS: Scientists Uses CAR-T Therapy to Kill the Latent Virus Reservoir

Cure for HIV and AIDS

Cure for HIV and AIDS won’t be found out by traditional methods and some new technology will make a breakthrough. It is why most scientists and researchers have been working on the newly developed healthcare methods and trying to modify and implement them on for an HIV cure.

The latest development has come from a team of Gladstone scientists and their partners at Xyphos Biosciences who have used the CAR-T technology used in cancer treatment to kill the virus responsible for HIV and AIDS. The new technology called convertibleCAR can eliminate the reservoir of infected cells of the patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy (ART) and may even cure HIV/AIDS in the future.

Adapting Method for Adapting Virus

Cure for HIV AIDS Adapting Method for Adapting Virus

The conventional CAR-T cells have proved to be extremely successful in eliminating blood cancers such as lymphomas and childhood leukemia. But the same can’t be used against HIV infected cells as they are not perfect. The CAR-T cells are designed to target a single molecule for cancer and they can’t be controlled after being injected into a patient’s body.

HIV is a shape-shifting, mutating creature that adapts and evades most of the drugs. There are so many forms of the virus that CAR-T cells targeting only one molecule will have no long term results. It is why the convertibleCAR has been engineered which can convert the T-cell into a potential killer eliminating the HIV and stopping the reservoir from forming ever again.

HIV Antibody Combination

HIV Antibody Combination

The biggest drawback of the ART therapy is that the virus starts forming again once the meds are stopped and hence HIV/AIDS can’t be cured until the latent reservoir problem is solved. It is why scientists have been testing anti-HIV antibodies called broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) which can neutralize a vast number of HIV strains.

But the bNAbs can’t function alone and they need the killer T-cells to cling on and they are very rare to produce. The convertibleCAR cells combined with bNAbs killed most of the infected CD4 T cells and the normal cells were sparred. The combination has shown a great promised and if things go right, a cure for HIV and AIDS will be out very soon.

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