Cure for HIV/AIDS: Singapore Community Plans to End HIV-AIDS Transmission by 2030

Cure for HIV AIDS Singapore Community Plans to End HIV-AIDS Transmission by 2030

Cure for HIV/AIDS won’t be possible until the whole world comes together and starts working for a solution. As of last Saturday, November 23, a community from Singapore made a target to end human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (Aids) by 2030. The blueprint is made by more than 30 organizations and groups, and it will start a national strategy throughout Singapore to end HIV and AIDS.

As per the research studies, there are more than half a million people living in Singapore alone who are infected with HIV and most of them are heterosexual males and also men who have sex with other men. Here are more details on the plans to end HIV-AIDS transmission by 2030 and how it could lead to a cure for the epidemic in the whole world.

Anti-HIV Medicines

Anti-HIV Medicines

The target is to stop the transmission of HIV and AIDS, thus ending the disease without any kind of cure. There are many effective anti-HIV medicines that can not only stop the prognosis of persons with HIV but can also stop HIV transmission.

The new prevention biomedical technologies like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) have been successfully able to prevent the transmission of HIV from an infected person to a non-infected person. Also, work is being done on more accessible HIV testing which can help in early diagnostic and treatment.

Blueprint to End HIV and AIDS

Blueprint to End HIV and AIDS

Every year thousands of persons in Singapore die from HIV and there are around 400 to 500 new cases registered of HIV/AIDS. The number is too low compared to the real population of infected persons due to social stigma and the complexity of the HIV testing process.

The community blueprint is working to deliver HIV programs and services in Singapore which can end HIV and AIDS. It also helps in identifying the gaps between proposed plans and implemented services in the research field and the clinical workforce so that we can end HIV transmission and Aids by 2030.

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