Cure for HIV/AIDS: The Epidemic could be Ended Soon by Stopping Sexual HIV Transmission

Cure for HIV AIDS The Epidemic could be Ended Soon by Stopping Sexual HIV Transmission

HIV/AIDS could end soon even without a cure or vaccines as the epidemic can be ended if the transmission of the virus is stopped completely. Unlike other diseases, HIV only spreads through sexual transmission or blood infection and if somehow the means of communication are controlled, the deadly disease could end very soon.

The science is very simple as a person infected from HIV/AIDS can take regular medicines which suppress the virus to such a low level in their blood that it won’t be transmitted to their sexual partner. It has opened a lot of possibilities for couples with one HIV-positive and one HIV-negative partner as they can share intimate moments and have kids without any fear of AIDS. Here is how the cure for HIV/AIDS can be found soon by stopping sexual HIV transmission.

HIV Transmission Can be Stopped by Taking Proper Medicines

HIV Transmission Can be Stopped by Taking Proper Medicines

The major cause of HIV is the sexual relations of HIV-negative people with HIV-positive and the virus is transmitted to non-infected persons. However, the modern ART therapies and other combination of drugs has suppressed the virus to such a low extent, it is almost negligible and won’t affect the sexual partners.

Also, the reverse case is also possible where the HIV-negative person can have several meds throughout his life cycle and he or she won’t succumb to the virus transmission even after sexual intercourse with an HIV infected patient. If the method is followed worldwide and everyone makes sure they won’t spread or get HIV, the epidemic could be ended in just a few years.

End of HIV/AIDS without Cure

End of HIV AIDS without Cure

The mathematical projections and a study say that if enough people infected from HIV are diagnosed and the treatment is started within a year, the epidemic of HIV/AIDS could end in just a decade. In countries like the United Kingdom, major steps are taken towards the testing and treatment for HIV and the disease could end by 2030. Most of the other countries are also adopting strict policies for the HIV/AIDS cure and very soon it could be eliminated by just putting a stop to the transmission process.

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