Cure for HIV/AIDS: UNAIDS moving forward with New Strategy to End the Epidemic

Cure for HIV AIDS UNAIDS moving forward with New Strategy to End the Epidemic

Cure for HIV/AIDS is under research all over the world and there is still no permanent cure for the disease. It is a global phenomenon, an epidemic which takes millions of lives every year. The United Nations program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has announced a new approach where they plan to get rid of the disease in 10 years.

The organization will follow the 90-90-90 goal where 90 percent of the infected individuals will be properly diagnosed, 90 percent of them to be treated, and 90 percent of those treated will be receiving viral suppression. UNIDAS has plans to increase the rate to 95-95-95 by 2030 and end the HIV epidemic for once and all very soon.

Limiting Spread of HIV will End the Epidemic

Limiting Spread of HIV will End the Epidemic

The United States is very closer to its goal with 79-78-86 rating but other third world countries where the disease is the main issues are far from the goal. It is why there has to be a solid cure for HIV-AIDS and UNAIDS plans to support those countries by providing proper resources, testing, and treatment program.

There is one unique way of ending HIV from the world and it includes limiting the spread of the virus and thus cutting off it entirely. The virus in HIV are unable to transmit through air or water and needs blood transmission or sexual intercourse to travel from one person to another. If somehow we can control that, the number of people infected with HIV will keep shrinking and it will be eliminated completely.

Stopping HIV Transmission from Infected Patients

Stopping HIV Transmission from Infected Patients

HIV positive people are the biggest source of transmission of the virus but with new advancements in the medical field, they can now have safe sex with regular people without giving them AIDS. The pre-exposure prophylaxis (PReP) medicines can suppress the virus at such low levels that it won’t affect the HIV-negative person.

There are similar solutions for HIV-ve individuals where taking the required pill within 2-3 days will make them immune to the virus. Apart from that, HIV-specific CD8-T cells in the lymphoid tissue are also able to suppress the infected cells. UNAIDS is following both the strategies and hopes to cure HIV and AIDS completely in this world.

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