Cure for HIV-AIDS: When will HIV be Cured? Why is there no Vaccine available?

Cure for HIV-AIDS When will HIV be Cured Why is there no HIV Vaccine available

Cure for HIV-AIDS is under research for the past few decades and we yet do not have a proper vaccine or treatment for the disease. Even though HIV only spreads through sexual transmission, we still are not able to curb it and the number of HIV infected people keeps on increasing every day.

We need an affordable, safe and effective HIV vaccine as the disease can easily be considered as a pandemic that has affected millions of lives. Here are the main reasons why HIV is still not cured and why is there no HIV vaccine available.

HIV is a Pandemic affecting Millions of People

HIV is a Pandemic affecting Millions of People

There are about more than 38 million people infected with HIV/AIDS as per the World Health Organization’s (WHO) last update. It has also been reported that 770,000 people have also died of HIV related illness in the same year. WHO data also indicates that 75 million have been infected with HIV till now and around 32 million people of them have died.

It can be easily considered that HIV is a global pandemic that has affected the whole world. There have been many vaccine trials and experiments done till now to end the HIV pandemic and we hope to have an efficient treatment very soon.

Reasons why there in no HIV Vaccine Yet

Reasons why there in no HIV Vaccine yet

  • The human immune system can’t kill the HIV virus and can only stop them or limit their spread. The human body produces HIV antibodies which can only slow down the progress of HIV and not permanently kill the virus.
  • HIV mutates very quickly into a wide variety of forms, which is why a single HIV vaccine won’t work as the virus mutations are very complex.
  • It is not safe to use a live form of the virus and the dead or killed pathogen is unable to trigger the immune response against HIV infection.
  • HIV vaccine won’t work as a regular disease vaccine as they can’t permanently kill the virus. The virus hides in the DNA and the hidden copies can’t be destroyed and hence the HIV vaccine can only buy more time and not end the disease.
  • Most of the vaccine tests are carried out on animals and there is not a single animal that responds the same way to HIV as humans. It is why clinical HIV vaccine trials on humans are a very difficult task and hence the disease is not being cured soon.

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