Dak Prescott Deal: Dallas Cowboys NFL Deal Status Confirmed?


Dak Prescott NFL deal with Dallas Cowboys has come to a standstill as no multi-year offer passed through. Fans and family of Prescott are not happy with the Cowboys management who failed to provide a better deal to the quarterback who is leading the NFL scoreboard.

The Cowboys had a deadline till July 15, 4 pm before which they had to finalize a deal with Dak Prescott. If both the parties failed to reach a mutual agreement, Prescott will play with a franchise tag for Cowboys this year and will be free to try his luck in the next free agency. Dak Prescott deal status with the Cowboys has finally been confirmed and here are more details on it.

Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys Franchise Tag Confirmed

Dallas Cowboys gave a final offer to Dak Prescott where he will be paid $33 to $35 million annually, with $100 million of it guaranteed. But it seems that Prescott has rejected the offer and will now play under the franchise tag where he will earn $31.4 million in the 2020 NFL season. Cowboys failed to secure their big three players even though they paid a hefty sum to the rest of the two players.

Ezekiel Elliot got a six-year, $90 million deal making him the most expensive running back in NFL. Whereas Amari Cooper was also paid $100 million for a five-year deal. It is surprising that the Cowboys couldn’t come to an agreement with Dak Prescott and he will play under the franchise tag this year.

Dak Prescott wanted more Money or Short-Term Contract

Dak Prescott wanted a bigger contract with more money or the same amount could have been adjusted for a short-term with a four-year deal. Although, it doesn’t mean that Cowboys will surely part ways with their best-performing quarterback as they could still draft him in the next free agency.

Prescott in his career of four years with the Cowboys have made more than 15,000 yards, 97 passing touchdowns, and 36 interceptions and completed 66% of his passing attempts.

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