Dallas Cowboys Franchise Tagging Dak Prescott Would be a Big Mistake Claims NFL Expert

NFL Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott deal trade

Dak Prescott is a tough spot with the Dallas Cowboys as the team lost to the Vikings in the NFL Week 10 games. The Cowboys gave a tough fight and Prescott even rushed for 397 yards with 3 touchdowns and yet they lost at 24-28. It was honestly the best performance from Dak Prescott and the Cowboys knows how much the starting quarterback is essential to their team.

There is no way Jerry Jones won’t offer a new deal to the best player in Dallas as the team is still in the race to playoffs with a 5-4 record. As per the reports, Cowboys are planning to franchise tag Prescott and honestly, it could be their biggest mistake as per the NFL experts.

NFL Experts on Dak Prescott and Cowboys Deal

NFL Experts on Dak Prescott and Cowboys Deal

NFL experts and former player Deion Sanders in the NFL Network podcast discussed the idea of Dallas Cowboys’ plan to franchise tag Dak Prescott. It could end really bad as Prescott will be giving more thoughts to his new deal and less on the ground. Even though the franchise tag is a way to get secured money, players are often inclined to perform better for getting more money on the next deal.

There will be too much pressure on Dak and he may start to play for money and not for winning the games. Kirk Cousins’ performance in Washington Redskins declined after the team franchise tagged him. The same type of thing can happen with Dak Prescott and hence the Cowboys must not take a hasty decision and have some faith in their QB.

Cowboys have to Trust Dak Prescott

Cowboys have to Trust Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys fear that Dak Prescott might go to some other NFL team if they don’t book him soon with a franchise tag. If he wanted to do that, he would have sat on a holdout like Ezekiel Elliot, but contrary to that he has been with them even in the practice games and plans to stay for long.

Dak Prescott will be looking for a new deal but not at the cost of abandoning team values, the Cowboys must offer him the $40 million per year deal and trust him to play with them, give his best performance and win them games in the rest of the 2019 NFL season.

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