Dark Season 3 Trailer Breakdown, Spoilers: New Cast hints a huge Plot Twist for the Netflix Show

Dark Season 3 Trailer Breakdown, Spoilers- New Cast hints a huge Plot Twist for the Netflix Show

Netflix on May 26, 2020 revealed the date of the third season of its all-time high-rated show Dark Season 3. Looks like this time Netflix decided not to make its viewers wait for long and is coming out with the season 3 of the show on June 27.

Dark- Season 2 launched on Netflix on 21st June, 2019, the day Michael committed suicide and the point from where the storyline of season 2 took off. It only deems fit that the season 3 is being released on June 27, 2020 as was predicted by the show lovers since the date marks the beginning of ‘the last cycle’.

Dark Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

Dark Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

SNEAK PEAK: Netflix gave a sneak peak into the third season of the show with a mini 1-minute teaser trailer launch on May 26 and launched its official trailer of 2:45 minute on June 12, 2020. Adding to the excitement of the viewers Netflix also launched a trilogy trailer on June 19, 2020. With the third season, the time-travelling sci-fi German series comes to an end. This has been confirmed by the co-creator of the show, Baran bo Odar himself on his Instagram page.

The show during its initial days of release was compared to stranger things but the comparisons came to a halt after the show managed to create its own ground and fan base since Season 1 and put a full stop to all such speculations.

Dark Season 3 Cast: Which Characters are Returning?

Dark Season 3 Cast- Which Characters are Returning?

The show’s all time cast like Louis Hofmann, Jordis Triebel, Lisa Vicari, Mark Waschke, Andreas Pietschmann and Lea van Acken have been confirmed but less is known about the other cast members of the show. Looking at the elaborate trailer the show is expected to have a much bigger star cast which the show makers seem to be keeping completely mum about.

Dark Season 3 Plot Spoilers and Theories

Dark Season 3 Plot Spoilers and Theories

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Earlier the action took place in all kinds of time lines from 1920’s to 80’s parallel to the present but this time viewers do not know what to expect as Al Martha says “Not what time, but what world?” Just when the viewers thought they were getting a grasp on the different timelines of the show, Dark: Season 3 is expected to blow your mind to different and unexpected levels.

The expectations from the much-awaited season 3 of the Netflix original show are sky high after the show closed with flabbergasting Season 2. There are many speculations as to what season 3 would bring for Jonas Khanwald and how is his fate expected to close in this final chapter.

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