Dark Side of the Ring 2 to uncover Chris Benoit’s double murder mystery

Dark Side of the Ring Two to cover Chris Benoit's double murder mystery

Viceland is out shooting the Dark Side of the Ring 2. The Wrestling world, filled with mysteries behind the ring has fans curious over them for years. They revealed many engrossing stories of mysteries behind the scenes of the Pro Wrestling world.

Dark Side of the Ring displayed 6 episodes in its debut season. It was a big hit among wrestling fans who love to follow their favourite wrestlers. One such incident that shook the world was Chris Benoit’s double murder and suicide. The exact story is still in rumors and it would be enthralling to watch the happenings.

Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 to have 10 episodes

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The first season of Dark Side of the ring was a big hit but could only cover so much in its six episodes. As per a report from PW Insider, Dark Side of the Ring 2 is bigger and better. Dark Side of the Ring 2 will include 10 episodes, so more story and more fun.

The report goes on to reveal some more episodes planned. Chris Benoit’s story will he covered in Dark Side of the Ring 2. Dino Bravo’s tragic death for which interviews were shot in the last season will be shown this time.

Dark Side of the Ring Two to cover Chris Benoit's double murder mystery

Chris Benoit mysteriously murdered his family and commited suicide in 2007. Image : Fact5

Brawl for All is another intriguing story to come up in Dark side of the Ring this time. The Viceland production will Jim Cornette and Butterbean’s interviews this season.

Is there more to the Benoit incident that we are being told about? Found this online, "facts that Benoit is innocent." from WWE

Viceland’s Season two press release out

Viceland president Guy Slattery officially announced Dark Side of the Ring 2 on Tuesday. He confirmed the news on the Television Critics’ Association’s press tour this week.

He went on to emphasize on Dark Side of the Ring season 1’s remarkable performance. The docu-series broke some records too on its way.

Dark Side of the Ring’s season 1 “raked up the best premiere ratings in P18-49 and total viewers (P2+) of any series in the channel’s three-year history.”

The crux of the backstage staff is back for another season of the docu series. Executive producer Evan Husney is back and so his colleague Jason Eisner.

The first season of the highly acclaimed show featured many startling revelations. Stories of Von Erich family, Gino Hernandez, Bruiser Brody, The Fabulous Moolah and more were covered there.

In other news of the WWE world, Undertaker will not feature in this year’s SummerSlam. Dark Side of the Ring season 1 is definitely one to watch out. Check out the full season on Amazon Prime here at just $14.99.

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