Dark Souls Developers rumoured of working on new game

Dark Souls Developers rumoured of working on new game

As E3 is approaching, the rumours are flooding at its top speed. People are eagerly waiting for what the developers will share next. Some speculations are on From Software, which has something new to show at E3, specifically suggesting that the next game is a “dark, medieval fantasy ARPG”. It could be a successor of Dark Souls.

Rumours say that the new game is made by the developers of Dark Souls 3

The plot of the game

According, to the reports the developers had started working on RPG after the release of the Dark Souls 3 game. The theme of the new game is set in a kingdom located in the middle of a civil war.

Rumours have also suggested that the title could be of a Norse theme. The knight has gone to possess some kind of artefact which can help their kingdom to stand out from other kingdoms and also it could help them to achieve victory.

This process has led to the disappearance of various knights. Means, all knights could have gone missing and there could be only one knight, the one that is controlled by the player. Yui Tanimura is directing this game, and Hidetaka Miyazaki will co-direct.

Dark Souls Developers rumoured of working on new game

Players can select the knight from the three unique options. These options are a warrior with a great shield and a giant club, a hunter who carries a longbow,  a wizard that can cast the magic form of a book of magic. Each type of character will provide player access to the unique kind of location and enemies with unique capabilities.

The game will also provide competitive multiplayer with multi-platform built with using Unreal Engine. These claims are based on the rumours from From Software E3 2019. However, there are no red flags from the company side to fully disagree with these rumours. Check out for more updates.

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