David Beckham And Kim Kardashian Rumours: Victoria Beckham Angry With Husband For Flirting With The Reality TV Star

Kim Kardashian Beckham
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David Beckham was allegedly caught flirting with Kim Kardashian. According to gossip mongers, Beckham made his wife furious by doing this. Apparently, David and Kim were getting cuddly. And this aggravated his former Spice Girl wife.

The newly single reality star reportedly had googly eyes for the soccer stud, much to Victoria Beckham’s dismay. Kardashian’s high profile divorce from rapper Kanye West has the whole world talking. However, the second oldest Kardashian is nothing but smiles. All thanks to her blossoming friendship with the handsome soccer icon.

David And Victoria Beckham

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David Beckham Cozying Up To Kim Kardashian?

Kardashian was supposedly in high spirits as she attended the glitzy grand opening of the Goodtime Hotel in Miami, Florida. This event took place in mid-April. She was in attendance alongside the soccer icon and other unnamed A-list guests.

Kim Kardashian victoria beckham

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Kim and David’s overly warm greeting raised many eyebrows and left Victoria infuriated. Furthermore, Victoria Beckham supposedly broke up the interlude by inserting herself in between the pair. Apparently, it was all too obvious that Kardashian was a little too friendly with Becks the entire night.

Truth Behind The Story

One of the main cover photos published along with this story reveals a lingering kiss shared by the two. However, the photo looks more like Beckham is telling Kardashian a secret. An extremely common gesture in Beckham’s native country, this is probably how he greets many of his close friends.

As a matter of fact, they are merely close friends, who aren’t afraid to show some affection towards each other. Meanwhile, this story says, “[Posh] Spice, who has joked about her famous facial expression in the past, joined their conversation [Beckham and Kardashian] as the trio enjoyed a rare break from their busy schedules”. Therefore, the fashion icon wasn’t raging over her husband and friend’s greeting at all.

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