Deadpool 3 Avengers Connection Explained: How Wade Wilson can Join MCU Movie

Deadpool 3 Avengers Connection Explained Theories on how Wade Wilson can Join MCU Movie

Deadpool 3 could be a part of the Avengers as Ryan Reynolds will be joining MCU very soon. Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox and with it, they have gotten the rights back to X-men characters including the merc with the mouth aka Deadpool. While it could be very difficult to incorporate mutants or Fantastic 4 characters in MCU and set them in the same world as Avengers, Deadpool 3 could easily do that as Wade Wilson is always breaking the fourth wall.

Even in the last Deadpool movie, he refers to Josh Brolin’s character s “F*ck you Thanos!” indicating that he doesn’t care about any studio and copyright. Here are the best theories explaining the Deadpool 3 connection with Avengers and how the sequel could be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool 3 will be Set in the MCU

Deadpool 3 will be Set in the MCU

Deadpool was missing in every Avengers battle including the final Endgame fight where every hero appeared to defeat Thanos and his army. But it doesn’t mean that Deadpool 3 can’t retcon that. They could easily saw a small clip in Deadpool 3 where a portal appears asking Wade for help, but Ryan Reynolds says something funny and rejects it.

Even if we look at the climax scene of the first Deadpool movie, the fight takes place on a damaged Shield Helicarrier which was shown in Captain America: Winter Soldier movie. Deadpool 3 will be officially licensed and produced by Disney and it is further confirmation that it will set in the Marvel world.

Deadpool 3 News, Rumors and Theories

Deadpool 3 News, Rumors and TheoriesĀ 

Deadpool 3 is in the making and the writers are trying to find smart and funny ways to make it set in MCU. As per some theories, the third Deadpool movie could start with Ryan’s character binge-watching the Avengers movies and explaining why he missed those fights. It is also possible that the merc with the mouth goes back in time and insert himself in the previous Avengers battles, it won’t be that hard given how technology has progressed.

As for the Deadpool 3 news, it is reported that T.J. Miller won’t be coming back for the third part and his character Weasel will be played by some other actor. Of course, Deadpool could make a joke out of them and say something like, “You look so different, looks like they have fired T.J. again.”

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