Deadpool 3 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers, New Writers and Avengers Connection Explained

Deadpool 3 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers, New Directors and Avengers Connection Explained

Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be under production and the merc with the mouth will return to the big screen soon. Even though Disney has purchased Fox studios and most of the X-men movies will go under reboot, there is no way Marvel will replace Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.

Reynolds and Deadpool are connected so much that the Canadian actor continued even after his role in Wolverine. Since Marvel Studios will be handling Deadpool 3 production, there are high chances it has a connection with the Avengers movie and here are more details on it.

Deadpool 3 Release Date, Trailer and Production

Deadpool 3 release date is still not confirmed as nothing is clear after the Disney and Fox merger. Marvel Studios got the rights back to all the X-men and Fantastic Four characters, but it is so much to handle that things will surely take some time.

However, Kevin Feige himself has confirmed that Deadpool 3 is under production and they have big plans for the franchise. At the moment, there is no Deadpool 3 trailer or footage, but things will be out soon once the movie enters production.

Deadpool 3 New Writers and Ryan Reynolds Role

Deadpool 3 script will be written by Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin and it has been kind of confirmed. David Leitch was supposed to direct the third Deadpool but he has moved on after a gap of communication and it seems that Marvel Studios are still looking for a new director.

Ryan Reynolds will surely return as the lead character and it is still not clear whether he will be associated with the writing process like the previous Deadpool movie as MCU works differently. 

Deadpool 3 Spoilers and Avengers Connection Explained

Deadpool 3 Spoilers and Avengers Connection Explained 

Deadpool 3 spoilers hint that the movie will be connected to the Avengers and there could be easily a fourth-wall breaking joke. The technology has advanced so much that the makers don’t even need the Avengers cast to have their cameo and can easily insert Deadpool between the scenes.

There is a popular theory that Deadpool 3 will have some scenes from Infinity War and Endgame where Deadpool makes some jokes about Thanos and the Infinity stones.

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