DEAL: Get NBC Peacock Streaming Service for Free without any Charges or Card Information

NBC Peacock Streaming Service for Free

NBC is planning to give out its upcoming streaming service called ‘Peacock’ free to every user. While every streaming provider is upping the cost and with so much competition, Comcast’s NBC Universal has decided to make is without charges to gain customers. They have planned on making Peacock service free for every cable and Comcast broadband subscribers.

The latest free Peacock plan can be subscribed by anyone for free and there won’t be any need to enter the card details or get just a month trial like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Instead, there will regular ads in between the shows that streams on Peacock. Here are more details on the NBC’s Peacock services and how it stands out on the competition from Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max and other streaming giants.

Competition to Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max

Competition to Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max

NBC knows that they won’t have many subscribers given there is already enough competition in the market who have a large number of original shows. Disney+ is also free for the first year to the Verizon customers and will then charge $6.99 per month. Even the Apple TV+ service comes free for a year on the purchase of a new device and then it will cost $4.99 per month.

HBO Max has also planned something similar with free service for AT&T premium wireless subscribers and $14.99 for regular users. But Peacock has standout from everyone as it will come for free to every cable and noncable subscribers without any special criteria making it the biggest AVOD” (advertising video on demand.

NBC Peacock Service and Content Details

NBC Peacock Service and Content Details

NBC Peacock will also have a lot of content including shows such as The Office, Parks and Recreations, Cheers, etc. for which they paid more than $500 million to take the rights away from Netflix. Peacock will show ads for about three to five minutes for every hour of shows in between.

NBC knows that their library is not that strong and most of the shows will take a few years to revert the rights and hence offering free service was the only way to get new users and there have been plans to introduce premium subscriptions without any ads also in the near future.

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