DeMarcus Cousins seen in Spurs jersey: Will he team up with DeMar DeRozan?

DeMarcus Cousins seen in Spurs jersey: Will he team up with DeMar DeRozan?

As the free organization showcase for previous Golden State Warriors focus DeMarcus Cousins keeps on evaporating, one area that has been picking up steam recently has been San Antonio, given Gregg Popovich’s affection for solid bigs and DeMar DeRozan’s endeavors to enlist Boogie.

The four-time All-Star expected to value a noteworthy payday this mid-year. It was when he denoted the mid-level unique case to join the Warriors last off-season. That doesn’t appear, apparently, to be the circumstance.

DeMarcus Cousins seen in Spurs jersey: Will he team up with DeMar DeRozan?

The Billboard showing Cousins in a Spurs jersey. Source: Spectrum News

Billboards for DeMarcus Cousins

In any case, one fanbase of a Western Conference gathering is showing up of friendship to Boogie.

DeMarcus Cousins fans have set up bulletins in San Marcos, indicating DeMarcus Cousins photoshopped into a Spurs shirt and a line from a Brooks and Dunn melody that references his moniker.

This isn’t the primary gone through the past Warriors center has been related with San Antonio. DeMarcus Cousins had been in contact with Spurs star DeMar DeRozan this pre-summer, also.

DeMarcus Cousins and DeRozan won gold as accomplices on Team USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics. They also won in the 2014 FIBA World Cup. Would they have the option to team up afresh?

Is he coming back to Spurs?

DeMarcus Cousins purportedly chatted with a Wizards official starting late in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, like each other individual, Boogie clearly is paying special mind to Kawhi Leonard‘s free-office decision.

Boogie still has a lot of gas left in the tank. That is even after setting up 16.3 focuses and 8.2 sheets per game as the fourth scoring alternative on a Warriors group that made the Finals.

In any case, his damage history and protective battles against quicker groups that like to shoot made him less and less important as time passes.

Nonetheless, in a Popovich framework that shot fewer threes than anybody a year ago and still qualities the back-to-the-container enormous man, DeMarcus Cousins would feel comfortable.

[Wells] Billboard Recruiting DeMarcus Cousins to Spurs Appears Outside San Antonio from nba

In case the past Kings and Warriors center signs with San Antonio, aficionados of the two gatherings would in all likelihood watch abundance more Boogie Ball later on.

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