Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Rumours: Ghost Actress Cause Of Trouble In Bruce’s Marriage?

demi moore bruce willis

Demi Moore was quarantined with Bruce Willis last year. This sparked a rumor that his wife, Emma Heming, was upset. Apparently, Heming was only pretending to support Willis when he chose to quarantine with Moore and their three children in Idaho.

demi moore bruce willis

Truth Behind Demi Moore Quarantining With Ex

Willis was going to travel to Idaho with Heming. However, a medical emergency necessitated that Heming remain in California for a few weeks longer. Moore and Willis are very close as exes and co-parents, so Heming was not seething about her stealing Willis. A representative for Moore called the story “nonsense”.

Emma Heming

Heming joined Moore and Willis in Idaho a few weeks later, effectively ending this fake rumour. Moore did not destroy Heming’s marriage. On International Woman’s Day, Moore made an Instagram post honoring, amongst others, Heming. She said Heming is “family who I am honored to call a friend”.

Moore is very close to Heming and Willis. This was just one of many stories about the supposed love triangle. But there was never any real conflict in this blended family.

Other False Stories About The Ex-Couple

A few months after this story, word came out that Willis loved Idaho so much that he was leaving Hollywood behind. This story really said Willis was going to quit acting, but he’s got so many projects lined up that it was impossible to believe. There was also another story about Moore starving herself to save her career. But it’s crystal clear that she’s in great health and still in the public eye.

Back in 2018, gossip mongers claimed Willis had suffered a heart attack on the set of Motherless Brooklyn. Willis did collapse on set. But that was because the scene required him to collapse. Tabloids always like to blow small things unnecessarily out of proportion.

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