Demon Slayer Movie Release Date and Trailer Details: When Will it Come Out?

Demon Slayer movie details

When it comes to contemporary manga stories which are getting really popular with the readers, Demon Slayer emerges as a top name. These manga comic books also have a popular anime show designed and developed by ufotable and it currently airs in English on Adult Swim’s late-night Toonami block. However, what the fans of the show are really waiting for is the upcoming Demon Slayer movie! Let us take a closer look.

Demon Slayer Movie Release Date

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Demon Slayer Movie Details: What to Expect?

Demon Slayer’s manga and anime are quite popular and there’s no doubt that a movie would be a big hit too. This movie was confirmed on the 28th of September, 2019 right after Episode 26 of the show aired. The film is going to feature pretty much the same characters and voice actors which have been a part of the anime. The Demon Slayer movie is titled ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train’.

Demon Slayer movie

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In addition to this, we also know that this movie is going to carry forward the storyline from the first season of the show and will be based on the ‘Infinite Train’ story arc.

Demon Slayer Movie Release Date and Trailer Info

Demon Slayer Movie Trailer

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A trailer of the movie aired right after the 26th episode of the show. However, when it comes to release date, there’s no specific date that has been given out so far. However, we know that the movie is likely to release sometime around ‘Fall 2020’ and it will premiere in Japan and reach global audiences a little later. Stay tuned for more!

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